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    Full-Length InspectionXpert Training

    35-Minute Implementation Covering Standard Features

    August 19th, 2019

    This full-length implementation video will teach you the best practices for ballooning your part drawing. 

    Video Chapters:

    1. Getting Started
    2. New Project
    3. Project Template
    4. Setting Options
    5. Ballooning
    6. Inserting Characteristics
    7. Checking Your Work
    8. Adding Classifications
    9. GD&T/Feature Control Frame
    10. Multiple Quantities
    11. Multiple Positions
    12. Grouping
    13. Grid (Char Zone)
    14. Revise/Replace Drawing
    15. Publish to Excel

    Video Created Date: 9/15/2018

    Customers can dig deeper and ask questions by scheduling a live training session with Customer Success.

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