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Building and Editing GD&T features

How to use the InspectionXpert GD&T builder to construct and edit Geometric tolerance features

Video tutorial:


Using the Default and Non-Standard GD&T Builder

Constructing Composite GD&T characteristics


When you capture a  Geometric Tolerance or "GD&T" feature using the GD&T extraction mode, InspectionXpert will open the "GD&T Builder" to allow the construction or editing of captured geometric characteristics:

Note: When extracting GD&T features, we recommend capturing inside the feature control frame for best results:

GD&T inside FCF

Once you have captured the GD&T characteristic, the InspectionXpert GD&T builder will open.  The GD&T builder has a "Default" setting, as well as a "Non-Standard" setting:


The Default GD&T Builder:

  • Forces the construction of standard GD&T feature control frames
  • Symbols that are not available for use will be "Grayed out".
  • Can only be edited by modifying the contents of individual feature data fields.


The Non-Standard GD&T Builder:

  • GD&T feature control frames can be directly edited by clicking into the "Value" field
  • Symbols can be inserted in any order.
  • Keyboard strokes will automatically insert feature control frame characters
  • Frames can be "Capped-off" by clicking on the vertical line, "|" symbol.


You can toggle between the default and non-standard GD&T builder by clicking on the "Pencil and Paper" Icon:

The Default GD&T Builder:

The Default GD&T builder has 6 data fields that are used to add/edit individual frames in your GD&T feature control frame:

1 Geometric Symbol
  1. Diameter Symbol (if required)
  2. Tolerance Value 
  3. Feature of Size or Tolerance Modifiers (if required) 
3 Second frame (if required)
4 Primary Datum and Tolerance Modifiers (if required)
5 Secondary Datum and Tolerance Modifiers (if required)
6 Tertiary Datum and Tolerance Modifiers (if required)



Using the "Default" GD&T Builder:


using the default GD&T builder


Using the Non-Standard GD&T Builder:

using the Non-standard GD&T builder



Constructing composite GD&T features:

While InspectionXpert can't capture complete composite GD&T characteristics,
you can create multiple GD&T features and then join them by grouping.  You can use either the default or non-standard GD&T builder to edit your captures.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Create a GD&T capture for the first frame.
  2. Then do the same for the second frame.
  3. Highlight both characteristics, right-click, and select ‘Grouping”
  4. Then select “Group with shared balloon”

    composite gdt


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