Set-up and fine-tuning of InspectionXpert's OCR

This article will help you choose the settings that will maximize the accuracy of InspectionXpert's optical character recognition.

Video: 30th of March, 2020

Step-by-Step Guide:

To enhance the accuracy of your OCR captures, you will need to fine-tune your OCR settings in the InspectionXpert "Options" window.
  1. Navigate to the "Home" tab, then select "Options and "OCR"

    Please note-  you will only be able to access the OCR settings in the options window if you have a project open in InspectionXpert.

  2. There are two OCR dictionaries available.  One on top for dimensions: 

and the other below it, for notes:

  1. For best results, for both dimensions and notes,  select the font that most closely matches the font used in your drawing.

  2. We recommend that when matching fonts for dimensions, that you pay particular attention to the numbers used in the font.
  3. You can further enhance the accuracy of your OCR by using the drop-down options within the " filters" section at the bottom of the window:

We recommend starting with "Middle" values for these settings.  If the accuracy is not sufficient, you can always go back and modify the values later.

Be sure to Click "Apply" , and "OK" when done.