FAQs For New Users

Here's a list of common questions asked by new InspectionXpert users, along with links on how to fix them


Link To Solution

How do I get rid of characters like “▯▯▯▯”  in place of your GDT symbols in my Excel report? Download and install the InspectionXpert GDT font
Why are my balloons and/or notes coming out as different sizes on different pages of my PDF drawing? How to ensure all your PDF's are the same size

How do I improve the accuracy of my captures?

1) The drawing is a poor-quality or hand-drawn scan

2) You need to select the correct OCR font, and set OCR filters

1) Working with poor quality drawings

2) Learn how to set-up and fine-tune InspectionXpert’s optical character recognition

Why am I getting gray bars on my PDF drawing, and how can I eliminate them?  Remove gray bars with custom settings
Why am I getting an "Unable to locate model or drawing" message when I open my project?  Learn how to solve a missing drawing problem
How can I save all of my settings such as ballon color, default tolerances, or font selections so I don't have to reset them for every new project? Learn how to create an InspectionXpert project template
How can I prevent My balloons from being moved or deleted from my published PDF report? Learn how to "Lock" your Balloons When Publishing a PDF report.