How to work with tables in InspectionXpert

If your drawing contains tabular data, you can easily add this to your InspectionXpert project

Video Tutorial:


If your drawing contains dimensional data in a tabular form, there are several ways in which this data can be added to your InspectionXpert project


One approach would be to capture each item in the table column or row using the appropriate capture mode for each characteristic ( Dimension, Note, or Geometric tolerance)

Screen shot 1-1

Next, Highlight each item in the table manager that will be in the group, then right-click them, and select "Grouping". You can choose to group with a single shared balloon, or with multiple sub-balloons" :

Screen shot 3

Screen shot 4


Another approach would be to create a single balloon in the header of the column or row:

Screen shot 5

Then modify the quantity in the "Quantity" field to match the number of cells in the table column or row, and click the expand button :

Screen shot 7

This will duplicate the captured feature in the table manager the specified number of times:

Screen shot 6

You can then "recapture" selected features in the expanded group by using the "Link new capture tool". First, select the characteristic in the expanded group to be recaptured. Then select the " Link new capture button:

Screen shot 8

Using the appropriate capture mode ( Dimension, Note or GDT) recapture the characteristic:

Screen shot 10

For dimensional characteristics, this will calculate the appropriate tolerance, as well as the Upper / Lower limit :

Screen shot 11

Then, using the same technique, continue recapturing all of the characteristics in the table row or column until complete :

Screen shot 12