Revision Management

Compare and replace your drawings

This article discusses the best practice for bringing a revised drawing into an existing project and updating the existing drawing with a newly revised drawing.

Video Tutorial:


Video: 21st of January, 2020


Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Open your project in InspectionXpert
  2. Go to the 'Document' tab
  3. Go to the 'Compare' menu
  4. Select 'Replace Drawing'
  5. Use your file browser to locate the revised drawing PDF
  6.  Select 'Open'
  7. InspectionXpert will prompt you with 3 options:
    • Visually compare the two drawings before replacing the old one (Yes)
    • Replace the old drawing without comparing the two (No)
    • Cancel the operation (Cancel)
  8. Select 'Yes': Visually compare the drawings (InspectionXpert renders the old drawing in red and the new drawing in green)
    • Note: You may reposition the drawings relative to one another by using the drag handles or by choosing to add alignment points with the buttons in the Compare menu. Also, if you would like to view the drawing comparisons through Adobe or other PDF software select 'Export'
  9. Select 'OK' once the drawings are aligned
  10. Modify the Characteristics that need changing and add/delete any balloons as necessary