Checking Your Work

Here is our recommended workflow for checking your work

Video Tutorial


You can check your work at any time, but we recommend doing so either
when you're finished ballooning your drawing, or if your drawing is particularly large, we recommend checking after every 50 characteristics or so.

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Start by going to the “View” tab and clicking on the “Hide Extracted Annotations” button:
  2. This will hide everything you’ve extracted from your drawing so far, leaving any feature that you missed visible:
  3. Don't forget to make them visible again, by selecting "Show All Annotations":
  4. If You've missed capturing any characteristics in your drawing, you can insert them in the correct position by following the instructions found here: Insert a characteristic

  5. Once you have determined that you have captured all required characteristics, you can sequentially check each characteristic in your project by selecting your first balloon, and then cycle through each characteristic by clicking on the arrow in the properties/preferences panel, and making any corrections as needed: