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    What do I do if the OCR is not capturing correctly?

    The OCR is inaccurate because my PDF is low-quality

    August 19th, 2019

    Sometimes a low-quality drawing will cause the OCR to have difficulty accurately capturing the characteristics. Unfortunately, in some instances, updating your OCR Project Options will not solve this issue. This article will explain how to move forward if you cannot get the OCR to capture accurately.

    Before getting started here, make sure to check out our Knowledge Base article, “How can I get the best possible capture when ballooning my drawing?”. There you will find suggestions that are useful in improving the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) experience.

    Video Guide


    • Using Selective Recapture
    • Updating OCR Project Options
    • Ballooning Your Drawing
    • Manually Updating Characteristic Properties
    • Publishing Your Report

    Step-by-Step Guide

    If your drawing is low quality, and your attempts to improve the OCR have not worked, you can move forward by following the steps below to complete the extraction manually. 


    • Balloon Your Drawing
    • Manually Update Your Characteristic Properties
    • Inserting Symbols
    • Building Feature Control Frames

    Balloon Your Drawing
    Balloon your entire drawing as you normally would, ignoring the values captured by the OCR for now. We will come back and correct those later.

    Manually Update Your Characteristic Properties

    Once you have ballooned your entire drawing, select characteristic #1 in your table manager, and look to the Properties/Preferences Panel on the left side of your screen. There you will see the image that was captured at the top, and all of the extracted properties beneath it. 

    Here you will manually update all the properties (type, units, full specification, etc.) by clicking into each field with your mouse, and selecting from the dropdown or simply typing in the correct value. Simply choose the appropriate Tolerance Type and your tolerances will update automatically.

    When you have finished updating the characteristic, use the right arrow (located in the upper right of the properties panel) to move on to the next characteristic. Continue updating all your characteristics until all the values are correct.

    Inserting Symbols

    If the characteristic you are attempting to update contains a special character or symbol, use the symbol button (indicated by the omega icon) and select the symbol you need from the various subsets.

    Building Feature Control Frames

    If the characteristic you are attempting to update is inside a feature control frame, use the GD&T Builder in the Properties/Preferences Panel to update the value, as you normally would.

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