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    Why are the cells in my Excel report filling with red and green color?

    When I export my report from InspectionXpert into Excel some of the cells are filling with Red and Green colored cells

    August 19th, 2019

    This article discusses how to remove a Conditional Formatting Rule within your Excel report. Use these steps to remove any unwanted automatic formatting that is appearing when you export to Excel.

    Step-by-Step Guide


    • Open Your Report
    • Remove Conditional Formatting
    • Save Your Report

    Open Your Report

    • Open InspectionXpert
    • Select the 'File' tab
    • Select 'Template Editor'
    • Locate the report you need to edit
    • Select the file and open

    Remove Conditional Formatting

    • Select the first cell within the column that you need to edit the color fill from
    • Go to the 'Home' tab
    • Select 'Conditional Formatting'

    • Locate the cell value rule you need to remove
    • Select 'Delete Rule'
    • Select 'Apply'
    • Select 'OK'

    Save Your Report

    • In the 'InspectionXpert Template Editor' box select 'Finished'

    • Save your report, you can resave it under the original name

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