Cells in Excel report are filled with red and green color

When exporting from InspectionXpert into Excel some of the cells are filling with red and green

This article discusses how to remove a Conditional Formatting Rule within your Excel report. Use these steps to remove any unwanted automatic formatting that is appearing when you export to Excel.

Step-by-Step Guide


  • Open Your Report
  • Remove Conditional Formatting
  • Save Your Report

Open Your Report

  • Open InspectionXpert
  • Select the 'File' tab
  • Select 'Template Editor'
  • Locate the report you need to edit
  • Select the file and open

Remove Conditional Formatting

  • Select the first cell within the column that you need to edit the color fill from
  • Go to the 'Home' tab
  • Select 'Conditional Formatting'


  • Locate the cell value rule you need to remove
  • Select 'Delete Rule'
  • Select 'Apply'
  • Select 'OK'


Save Your Report

  • In the 'InspectionXpert Template Editor' box select 'Finished'

  • Save your report, you can resave it under the original name