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    Net-Inspect publication message 'Server was unable to process Request...'?

    'Server was unable to process request.---> String or Binary data would be truncated'

    April 3rd, 2019

    This article discusses Net-Inspects field limits and the error messages you may receive when you exceed the number of characters allowed in the specified field (see screenshot). InspectionXpert data fields can support a large number of characters, but if you export to Net-Inspect, the field character limits are smaller. This character limit also includes spaces.


    You can set the InspectionXpert character limits to match those of Net-Inspect.

    Step-by-Step Guide:

    • Go to the 'Home' tab
    • Select 'Options'
    • Go to 'Application Options'
    • Select 'Net-Inspect'
    • Go to 'General'
    • Select 'Enforce Net-Inspect Data Field Sizes'
    • Select 'Appy'
    • 'Select 'OK'

    The text limit will prevent any excess text from exporting to Net-Inspect. In some fields exceeding the character maximum will prevent the upload to Net-Inspect. When the field character limits are enforced, you cannot enter more text than the field limit allows manually.

    What are the character limits set out by Net-Inspect?

    Below is a list of these fields and their associated character limits:

    Net-Inspect Form 1

    Project Properties tab

    Field Name NotesNumber of Characters Net-Inspect allows
    Part NumberCorresponds to field 1100
    Part NameCorresponds to field 2250
    Serial NumberCorresponds to field 350
    Part RevisionCorresponds to field 570
    Document/Drawing NumberCorresponds to field 6512
    Document/Drawing Revision LevelCorresponds to field 7512
    Additional ChangesCorresponds to field 8150
    Manufacturing Process ReferenceCorresponds to field 9165
    Supplier CodeCorresponds to field 11100
    Reason for Partial FAICorresponds to the "Reason for Partial FAI" field.4000
    Internal FAIR NumberCorresponds to "Internal Fair Number" field100

    Net-Inspect Subassemblies/BOM

    Part Number (BOM)Corresponds to field 15100
    Part Name (BOM)Corresponds to field 16250
    Part Serial Number (BOM)Corresponds to field 1750
    Net-Inspect Form 3

    Characteristic tab

    Field NameNotesNumber of Characters Net-Inspect allows
    Character NumberCorresponds to field 520
    Inspection OperationCorresponds to field 5-Op#32
    Reference LocationCorresponds to field 6192
    Bubble NumberCorresponds to field 6-Bubble No.8
    Characteristic DesignatorCorresponds to field 7100
    GDT CalloutCorresponds to field 8-GDT Callout500
    Actual RequirementCorresponds to field 8-Actual Requirement250
    ResultsCorresponds to field 920
    Inspection MethodCorresponds to field 1080
    Non-Conformance NumberCorresponds to field 1150
    CommentsCorresponds to the Comments Field250
    Custom Field NameCorresponds to field 14 header30
    Custom Field ValueCorresponds to field 1450

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