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    Why am I unable to Download InspectionXpert or Communicate with the Licensing Server?

    Adding InspectionXpert to your companies Whitelist to download InspectionXpert and communicate with licensing server

    September 9th, 2019

    This article is in reference to the inability to download InspectionXpert or communicate with the server due to InspectionXpert not being on your company's 'Whitelist'.

    What is a Whitelist?

    A list of e-mail addresses or domain names from which an e-mail blocking program/spam filter will allow messages to be received. The purpose is to prevent unwanted e-mail messages/spam from appearing

    What to look for?

    IT security may prevent some of InspectionXperts processes. Some may experience the following:

    1. Unable to download InspectionXpert
    2. Issues when updating to a new InspectionXpert release
    3. Inability to communicate with the licensing server


    The most common way to resolve these issues is to have your internal IT team Whitelist the following URL's:

    • HTTPS Protocol Port 443
      • "licensing.xctentitlements.com"
    • HTTPS Protocol Port 80
      • "ondemand.inspectionxpert.com"

    *Static IP addresses aren't available for whitelisting. We recommend using the URLs above instead of an IP address for whitelisting.

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