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    What tokens should I use in my custom report template?

    Template Editor Token List and Examples

    March 20th, 2019

    This article describes each token available in our Custom Report Template Editor. When you open the Template Editor, you will see 6 token type dropdowns which you will use to fill your cells with tokens.

    Token Types:

    • Document
    • Project Property
    • Bill of Material
    • Specification
    • Characteristic
    • Measurement

    Token List and Examples

    Below are lists of all the tokens available in the Template Editor sorted by token type. The 'Token Path' is what you should see when you insert the token into the template and the 'Example' gives you an idea of what you will see after exporting your report. 

    For easier reading, enlarge the images below by right clicking the image and choosing "Open Image in new Tab"

    Document Tokens

    Project Property Tokens

    Bill of Material Tokens

    Specification Tokens

    Characteristic Tokens

    Measurement Token

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