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    Why won't my InspectionXpert OnDemand launch?

    InspectionXpert won't launch (Dell SonicWall as your Gateway Anti-Virus Protection)

    December 28th, 2018

    This article addresses the difficulty of launching InspectionXpert OnDemand when using Dell SonicWall as your Gateway Anti-Virus protection.

    In some instances, Dell SonicWall is treating one or more of our InspectionXpert files as a Trojan and preventing the software from launching.

    Follow these steps to address this issue:

    1. Report this false positive to Dell SonicWall. Click on and go to, Report False Positives, and follow the instructions.
    2. Go to the Dell SonicWall Security Services > Gateway Anti-Virus configuration screen and disable the 'Prevention' pull down for the particular signature.

        3. Add InspectionXpert IP address to the Gateway Anti-Virus Exclusion list

        4. Login to the firewall and browse to:

    Security Services > Gateway Anti-Virus > Configure Gateway AV settings

        5. Gateway AV Exclusion List, add an entry (host or range) for the desired IP address/addresses

        6. Enable the 'Enable Gateway AV Exclusion List'

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