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    How do I manually change GD&T feature control frames?

    Creating Geometric Tolerance frames with no ASME standard restrictions

    December 3rd, 2018

    This article will discuss creating GD&T's in your FAI that are more complex than just a symbol, value and datum. Our Net-Inspect users have also used this functionality to force certain information into value boxes of Net-Inspect FAI uploads. To use this functionality you must have the GD&T font enabled.

    1. Make sure GD&T font is enabled

    1. From the HOME tab of InspectionXpert OnDemand for PDF click on OPTIONS
    2. From the Application Options > General - click the checkbox for Enable GD&T formatting
    3. Install GDT Font (you may need to have Administrator privileges on the PC to install)
    4. Click OK and the Options box will close

    2. Put your cursor into GD&T mode by right clicking your mouse over the drawing and choose OCR Extraction > Geometric Tolerance or use (Ctrl + G)

    3. Capture a GD&T characteristic

    4. Click edit icon (pencil/paper icon) located at center right of Characteristics Panel

    5. Make adjustments in the value box 

    6. Capture next characteristic and your feature control frame will be updated

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