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    How do I export my project to a PPAP report with InspectionXpert Advanced/CMMXpert?

    Using the InspectionXpert PPAP template to import CMM Data using CMMXpert in InspectionXpert Advanced

    November 7th, 2019

    With our latest InspectionXpert OnDemand release SP9.1we are providing a PPAP reporting template for you to publish your balloons to as well as your measurement data. This article walks you through how to use the InspectionXpert PPAP template, 'PPAP Dimensional Results MXpert.xlt',  to produce a completed PPAP report in InspectionXpert Advanced by importing your CMM measurements into CMMXpert. This tool allows you to automatically import and assign CMM data files to your ballooned project.  The resulting integrated project file can then automatically populate your PPAP report.



    Created 11.07.2019 JM

    Step-by-step guide:

    1. Balloon your drawing

    1. Using CMMXpert, load the CMM template editor, and select your CMM from the dropdown menu

    3)  In CMMXpert, click the “Add Files" button, and select one or more CMM output files for your project

    4)  In CMMXpert, Click the "Auto Assign" button, and select how you will assign each characteristic.  ( the standard assign method is by Item # ) > Click The “Check” button (see the steps in the video below)

    5) Once your CMM measurements have been assigned to your ballooned characteristics, you are ready to export the project to a PPAP report using the Excel report template 'PPAP Dimensional Results MXpert.xlt'

    6) Select the “Excel” export button in InspectionXpert

    7)  Select the PPAP template named 'PPAP Dimensional Results MXpert.xlt' from the list of templates provided within the Export Templates list. that you will export to, and click “Export”

    8.) Your populated PPAP report should appear (see the steps in the video below)

    If you haven't updated to InspectionXpert OnDemand SP9.1 you can still download your free 'PPAP Dimensional Results MXpert.xlt' template at the link below. Simply click the link:

    Here is a FREE PPAP Results MMXpert Template

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