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    How do I create different balloon number sequences?

    I want to have different bubble numbers.

    January 14th, 2019

    This article walks you through how to create balloon number sequences. Perhaps you would like to have balloon sequences from numbers 1 - 50 and then from 400 - 450. This is easy to do and a useful tool when creating projects with multiple finishes, methods of measurements, and/or job processes.

    How to create varied balloon sequences?


    1. Go to the 'Home' tab in the ribbon of InspectionXpert
    2. Select 'Options'
    3. Go to 'Characteristics'
    4. Select the '+' sign within the 'Numbering Sequences' box
    5. Add your 'Sequence Name' and 'Starting Value'
    6. Select 'Apply'
    7. Select 'OK'
    8. When ballooning your drawing you can quickly select your balloon number sequence by selecting the drop-down menu from within the 'Home' tab (see screenshot)

    Here is a quick video walking you through these steps:

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