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    How can I add custom characteristic subtypes?

    I want to add "Type” characteristics that are not available in the standard “Dimensions” type.

    October 18th, 2019

    This article shows you how to create custom sub-type characteristics in your project. You can save these custom subtypes as an Inspection Project Template for future use.

    Video Tutorial:

    Created date: October 7, 2019

    Step by step guide:

    1. Go to the “Home” tab located in the upper ribbon of InspectionXpert.
    2. Select “Options”.
    3. Select “Lists”.
    4. Select “User-defined-Sub-Types”.
    5. In the “Values” column, add your custom sub-type.
    6. Add a user Defined Unit of measure.
    7. Select “Apply”.
    8. Save the file as an Inspection Project Template for your changes to persist.

    The created User Defined subtype will be available in your "Characteristic Properties".

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