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    How do I capture GD&T feature control frames?

    Using OCR to Extract Geometric Tolerances

    April 26th, 2019

    InspectionXpert OnDemand 2.0 can now extract GD&T feature control frames. This article will guide you through the best practice for obtaining an accurate OCR extraction. You can manually adjust the feature control frame in the same way as past versions.

    Step-By-Step Guide:

    Capturing/Extracting the GD&T Feature Control Frame

    1. Set your OCR Extraction Type to 'Geometric Tolerances'. This can be found under the 'Document' tab at the top of InspectionXpert or by right-clicking the PDF.
    2. Create your capture rectangle by left-clicking and dragging a rectangle inside the feature control frame. Creating the capture rectangle outside of the feature control frame will prevent the OCR tool from reading the information correctly.

    Updating the Extracted Results

    1. Check to see if the 'Value' box in your Properties/Preferences panel is grayed out. 
    2. If so, you can update the fields in the GD&T Builder above the box. This allows you to change the feature control frame symbol, tolerance, and datums.
    3. If it is not grayed out, it means it is in 'Free Form' mode which can be turned on or off by pressing the  icon above the 'Value' box. This allows for updates to be made directly in the 'Value' box.

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