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    GD&T Font Download Instructions

    Download the Font if GD&T Characteristics Don't Export Properly

    December 4th, 2019

    If your Excel Export is showing lower case letters, tall rectangular boxes, or "/" in the place of a GD&T Frame, please go to your Home tab > Options > General section and click on the button to "Install InspectionXpert GD&T Font".

    InspectionXpert uses a custom Windows font, that will be installed in your Windows Font folder to show GD&T Symbols and GD&T Feature Control Frames correctly.

    If you provide your Excel report that features GD&T Frames and Symbols to someone who is not an InspectionXpert user, whether a customer or other team member, you will want to provide them with this article so they can download the Font with the following link:

    Click Here to Download for Windows

    Click Here to Download for MAC Users

    Also, you can enable the Basic and Reference annotation aspect of the "GD&T Font" by going to Home tab > Options > Application Options >General > Enable GDT formatting for Basic and Reference annotations by checking the box to the left of "Enable GD&T formatting for basic and reference dimensions" and clicking "Apply".

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