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    Where and how do I download InspectionXpert?

    I need to install InspectionXpert

    April 3rd, 2019

    This article walks you through the process of downloading and updating InspectionXpert from the InspectionXpert download portal.

    Video Tutorial:

    Video Created Date: April 3, 2019

    Step-by-Step Guide:

    1. Access the InspectionXpert download portal:


    2. Select 'Log in' to go to the Log In page

    3. Enter 'User Name' and 'Password'

    4. Select 'Log in'

    5. Download the version of InspectionXpert that is compatible with your computer's requirements, 32-bit or 64-bit


    Downloading InspectionXpert may require that you download Microsoft C++.

    Here is a link to the Microsoft C++ download portal:


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