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    How do I login/download InspectionXpert?

    How to Download InspectionXpert

    August 20th, 2019

    Some of our long time customers may be accustomed to logging in to our login portal with a username and password every time they need to download the software on to a new computer. We have recently simplified this process to make things easier for our customers. 

    To download InspectionXpert, go to inspectionxpert.com/download and follow the instructions there. (Please keep in mind that if you are using a 32-bit computer you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the appropriate download button.)

    Once InspectionXpert has been installed, follow the instructions here to enter your serial number. If you do not know your serial number, contact support at support@inspectionxpert.com or 800-379-0322 x2 and a team member will be happy to help you.

    For our customers who prefer to continue to use the login portal, you can still access it at inspectionxpert.com/login.

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