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    How do I customize the length of my Excel report?

    I want to customize the length of my Excel report

    March 13th, 2019

    This article discusses how to customize your Excel report so that it fills with the ballooned characteristics from your 'Table Manager' in InspectionXpert using an IXFooterRow. The IXFooterRow function automatically expands or truncates the rows in your report to match the number of characteristic values you are exporting which will save you time and provides a more polished looking report.

    Step-by-Step Guide:

    1. Go to the 'File' tab in InspectionXpert
    2. Select 'Template Editor'
    3. Select and highlight the row that you want to appear immediately after all exported characteristics

    1. Select the 'Formulas' tab
    2. Select 'Name Manager'

    1. Enter 'IXFooterRow' and three numbers (e.g. '001')
    2.  Select 'OK'
      • You can add multiple Footer Row's in your Excel Report Template by changing the last three number (see example below)

    1. Select 'Finished' in the InspectionXpert Template Editor window
    2. Save your report template.

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