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    Can InspectionXpert import my CMM data?

    Compatible CMM File Types with CMMXpert

    August 19th, 2019

    InspectionXert can import CMM reports from a variety of software types including Calypso, PC-DMIS, and CMM Manager. You must have an Advanced or Pro license in InspectionXpert to use the CMMXpert feature.

    Supported Measurement Software:

    Calypso Camio CMM Manager Faro Geomeasure
    Keyence IM LaserQC LK-CMES LK-DMIS Marposs
    Mcosmos MeasureMax Metrologic XG Metrosoft CM Metrosoft Quartis
    MicroVu Mitutoyo Microscope Modus OGP - Smart Scope OGP - MeasureMind
    Open DMIS PC-DMIS Polyworks PowerInspect QC 5000
    QC CALC Q-Das QVPAK Steinbichler Vision System Tarus
    Virtual DMIS

    Click Here for the CMMXpert Template and Formatting Guide

    The link above will provide you with the measurement file type needed, an example of what your report should look like, and the corresponding template to choose from when uploading into CMMXpert. 

    Please use the link below to schedule a live training session if you are new to this feature: 

    Click Here to Schedule a Live Training Session

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