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    Can I add a letter prefix/suffix to my balloons?

    I would like to add a letter prefix/suffix to my balloons on my PDF.

    March 26th, 2019

    This article discusses how you can add a letter prefix or suffix to your balloons.


    Here is a video to walk you through the process:

    Step-By-Step Guide

    • Create the 'Characteristic Identification'
    • Select the 'Characteristic Identification' When Ballooning

    Create the 'Characteristic Identification'

    • Go to your 'Home' tab
    • Select 'Options'
    • Go to 'Project Options'
    • Select 'Ballooning'
    • Under the 'Characteristic Identification' box, you can add your desired classification, suffix, prefix etc. by selecting the '+' sign and filling in the information in the table
      • To remove 'Characteristic Identification(s)' simply select the line(s) you would like to remove in the characteristic identification table and select the '-' sign
    • Select 'Apply'
    • Select 'OK'

    Select the 'Characteristic Identification' When Ballooning

    • Balloon your characteristic
    • Go to the 'Properties/Preferences' panel to the left of your InspectionXpert screen
    • Select the 'Inspection' option dropdown arrow (see screenshot)
    • Select the 'Classification' dropdown arrow
    • Select your classification (in this instance I have selected Weld)
    • The item you ballooned will now appear with the prefix/suffix characteristic identification that you created in the ballooning option

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